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The Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transportation completed a study regarding the relationship between the “Self-Storage Industry and Consumer Protection” in March 2003. The report indicated issues regarding the differentiation between self-storage facilities operated by traditional warehousing businesses and self-storage businesses operated in non-warehousing facilities.

Identified Issues:

On May 20, 2003, 7 major operators within the self-storage industry of Japan were selected to form the first association for Self Storage on a strictly volunteer basis. Since the early stages of the RSA’s development we have stayed true to our goal of protecting and educating consumers who are new to renting self-storage units. Before the creation of this association there were no set industry standards. Our desire to provide safety, security and accessible, accurate information while improving on the customer service experience for the general public became our mission.

Our Mission Statement:

In order to complete our mission, we have established a strict set of standards that must be met to become a qualified RSA member. As we have grown the number of new joining members has been rapidly increasing, right along with the total number of self-storage facilities. We have become increasingly aware of the need to "open our doors" even further to any and all operators who respect the law and care for the safety of consumers to continue to grow and stimulate this industry.

On October 28, 2010 we made the decision to officially incorporate our association by registering with the government. To date we are only association endorsed by the Japanese Government and the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transportation.

The RSA is fully committed to continuing to work with our member operators, other associations throughout the world as well as consumer groups to continue to improve the Japanese self-storage industry. Together we can provide accurate and up-to-date information through our website and regularly scheduled meetings where we will discuss relevant issues and plan future events to stimulate the self-storage industry's consumer awareness and growth.

If you have any questions and/or comments, please feel free to contact our office.

Organization Outline of RSA

Name of Organization

Rental Storage Association

Date of Establishment May 20th 2003
October 29th 2010(Incorporated)
Board of Directors Chairman Michinobu Tada
Senior Managing Director/Oshiire Sangyo  Co.,Ltd
Director Yasunobu Kurebayashi
Senior Director/Reise Inc.
Director Hiroyuki Fujii
President/Keiyo Butsuryu Co.,Ltd
Director Stephen Joseph Spohn
Director Hironobu Ushiyama
Manager/Tokyu Corporation
Director Satoru Matsumoto
President/Storage Plus Co.,Ltd
Auditor Masahiro Nagai
Manager/Sotetsu Real Estate Sales Co.,Ltd
Number of Members 19 (Full membership)  11(Supporting membership)
Activity Purpose The mission of RSA is to serve and protect consumers. RSA promote healthy growth of selfstorage industry by harmonizing with society.
Projects  (1) Provide accurate, easily accessible information to the consumer.
(2) Comply with all applicable laws, regulations and ordinances.
(3) Provide public relations, educations, enlightenment and information for member.
(4) Collecting data, conducting market research and study to become the best resource for the industry.
(5) Work with other associations and group. Establishing the standardized article for the industry and improving service environment for operators include insurance protection.
(6) Provide qualified member operators the use of the "RSA" logo.
Office Adress

16-10, Onarimon BN Bldg. 9F
Shinbashi Rokucyoume, Minatoku, Tokyo 105-0004 Japan
Phone: +81-3-3459-9230 Fax: +81-3-3437-4040

Contact person Tokuo Yoshida / Secretary General